The Fashion Industry's Top 3 Thirst Traps


Everyone including my husband knows that Lenny Kravitz is my thirst trap of choice, but in honor of World Water Day, I'm breaking down some of fashion's thirsty Bs. Yes, ethical babes, this is a sustainability post disguised as a sexy post. JK ethical fashion is always sexy.


If only it was this easy?

If only it was this easy?

I actually wrote about this already, but TL;DR cotton is one thirsty mofo. There are some growth developments that work to cut back on the amount of water needed, but in general, we could all do well to focus our shopping habits around more sustainable/drought-friendly materials like bamboo and hemp.



Ok, I know water isn't *alive* but I think you know what I'm saying. An estimated 20% of our the world's water pollution is caused by dyeing textiles. We are so obsessed about what's in our food, makeup, hair care, and skin products and take pains to rid them of the baddy chemicals, but what about the chemicals used to make our clothes? I know this is about how that shit pollutes water, and that's a fact, but what about how it interacts with our bodies? Who knows? It could be fine. It could also not be fine. Next time you look at that cyuuuute electric blue Forever21 romper though, ask yourself if something that costs $19 is the sort of thing you really want coming in close proximity with your body, boo. I mean, look at what this shit does to rivers. Gross.

So, alternatives: I'm a big fan of designers who use vegetable dyes, and I'm always on the lookout for new adopters of waterless dyeing, as well. PLEASE @ me with suggestions on this one. I'm learning, too!


Just add it to my load,  babe

Just add it to my load, babe

I never realized how much water we use to do laundry until I purchased a portable washing machine. Unless you're using one of those awesome water-saver washing machines, two loads of laundry could basically fill your average bathtub. 

So what's a dirty kid to do about the need to do laundry? No small loads. Choose the heavy cycle and fill (but don't cram) the load up. More water is actually not better when it comes to washing clothes anyway.

And for the love of clothes, unless you're a messy B, pleeease do not wash your clothes every time you wear them. It's not good for the garment itself to be washed over and over again, so if you want that cute vintage jumpsuit to last, keep it out of the wash as much as possible.

Alright kids, if you need me, I'll be making my vegetable-dyed recycled denim tribute jacket for my one true crush, Lenny. Here's one more for the road...

Call the fire department, this man's smokin'

Call the fire department, this man's smokin'