This is a pretty normal place to find me.

This is a pretty normal place to find me.


About Kat Eves

You ever have that moment where you help someone and you can see how their whole world shifts, even just the teeniest tiniest bit? That high is what I live for, and I get the opportunity to try to rock a person’s world every time I get to style them. It’s thrilling.

I’ve been able to dress everyone from celebrities to chefs to musicians to CEOs to new moms. It doesn’t matter whether I’m working on a TV set or digging through someone’s personal closet. I love making people make more empowering choices in their closets. All people.

Besides cheese, fashion is my drug of choice, but the truth is, the fashion industry is not so bueno. In addition to being a top 3 polluter on the planet (seriously, google it), the fashion industry does a lot of harm to the world. Sweatshops are more prevalent than ever. Child labor, human trafficking, slave wages, actual slavery, government corruption, impossible work loads, stifling work conditions, fire hazards, injuries, harmful chemicals, building collapses.

Yeah... that pile of clothes on the chair in your bedroom might just be responsible for all of that. Yikes.

So what do you do when your first love is kind of a monster? You look for the people in the industry who are trying to make a change and ride that wave instead. And with that, Style Ethic was born. I try to incorporate ethically made fashion into my work as much as I can, but that means constantly researching, asking questions, and demanding more from the brands I love to make it work.

The more I learn along the way, the more I’ll share here, and in my Facebook group. I’ll also share fun stuff on some of the sites I write for, like Remake Our World, Chubstr, and more. Fashion doesn’t have to be such a terrible burden on the world. It can be fun and thoughtful.

Ooh, and you know what else?

I also have a podcast! Every week, I talk about embracing all the beautiful things that make our world wonderfully weird on my podcast Gaudy Positive cohosted by my client & friend, the wildly funny comedian & actress, Jenny Zigrino. Each week, we celebrate the weirdos and and misfits of the world, commit random acts of anti-fatphobia, say goodbye to shame, and keep it real (and if I say so myself, we keep it real funny, too).

And one more thing…

I also have a day job. I choose to say no to work and clientele that don’t meet my values, and I’m lucky enough to have a day job working for an awesome values-based marketing agency called [mto agency]. While I still do independent styling work, I spend most of my days working on client projects as a Senior Marketing Strategist, providing creative direction and consulting to ethical and sustainable brands doing badass things to make the world better. Having this job allows me to stick to styling work that I can feel good about, and these days, I say no more than I say yes.

I think that just about covers it. I hope you’ll join me in this journey to use fashion as a force for good (and fun!), and choose a more ethical, sustainable style that feels so fucking good every single day.



P.S. - Find me on Instagram @styleethic while you’re at it, and please say hi!