Look Out for These 2 New Plus-Friendly Ethical Brands

My biggest gripe in the ethical fashion world besides how basic it can get is how much plus sizes get left out of the market. It drives me freakin crazy! I would take basics over nothing, but I double-dog-dare you to find a 3X or 4X ethically made black basic tee. It's harder to find than you'd think! 

Luckily, I can hold off on scream-crying into my pillow that all of those boring ass sack dresses are the only thing that might have a prayer of fitting my size 16/18 body come 2018, because at least two new brands launching next year promise to carry plus sizes. Here's what's coming.

Poppy Row

Founded by stylist and entrepreneur Crystal Cave, Poppy Row promises a "curated collection of beautiful + ethically-made pieces designed for YOUR silhouette" for sizes 2 - 28. From what I can tell, Poppy Row's style will be full of pops of color and vibrant prints in the vain of brands like SWAK Designs, with a little more updated edge and flair (and hopefully a little more structure). I don't have the down-low yet on what specifically makes this brand ethical, but will update as I know more. I'm very excited to see what this School of Style alum has in store for us!

If you're in LA and want to attend Poppy Row's exclusive capsule collection launch event with a workshop, panels, and fashion show January 28, 2017, you can RSVP here. (Just a heads-up: this event is $297, so your girl will not be in attendance).

In the meantime, follow Poppy Row's Instagram to get a glimpse at what's to come from the budding brand! 

And Comfort

Also launching soon, And Comfort promises an ethical plus size collection tailored to plus bodies and made with natural fibers. I did reach out to the brand via Instagram to nose around for a little more info, and it sounds like there are two basic minimalist-inspired items on the horizon. I'd love to see more, but it's a start. Good things come to those who wait, or so I hear ;). 

Follow And Comfort on Instagram to keep up with their progress.

All I can say is, I really hope this is just the start of a new wave in ethical fashion. Will 2018 be the year my fashion wishes come true? Fingers crossed for a Disney ending.