Mood Board: Palm Springs Party

Palm Springs is my happy place. 

You know that place you're supposed to picture in your head when you're at the dentist or the doctor to distract you from the poking and prodding? I go to Palm Springs.

I walk through a meticulously manicured succulent garden to a brightly colored door of a mid-century modern home and I'm greeted by a day-glow caftan-wearing host with a frozen drink covered in drink umbrellas. I walk straight through the glass-windowed courtyard to the back patio, where a turquoise pool and a hot tub await, full of 25 or so of my favorite people. In the distance, the sun drops pink hues over the mountains, and the weather and the company are just fine. Sounds nice, doesn't it?

I'm planning a trip to make some of my favorite parts of this daydream into reality for a late birthday bash next month. In the meantime, I've made a great mood board for a little imaginary getaway. I've never left my favorite desert oasis uninspired, so hopefully you'll find this mood board inspiring, too!