This Edgy Breastfeeding Clothing Line is EVERYTHING


  • Clothing options for breastfeeding moms can be unflattering and unfashionable.
  • Leche Libre makes functional, fashionable clothing for nursing moms. 
  • Leche Libre is manufactured  with ethical labor practices in the USA.
  • New Kickstarter will allow Leche Libre to expand its "Zip & Sip" collection. 
NBD, just breastfeeding in this chic LBD.

NBD, just breastfeeding in this chic LBD.

Sometimes, it takes an outsider to solve the problem. Andrea Newberry didn't go to an expensive design school or work for years in fashion houses before starting Leche Libre. She just knew that the sea of stretch jersey and spaghetti straps among nursing tops and dresses left her feeling frumpty dumpty. As for style, nobody's out there winning awards for cool breastfeeding design. Up until now, nursing moms might as well put their personalities on a shelf. Refusing to lose her sense of self and personal expression, Newberry took on the problem using the fundamentals of pre-school education: if you can't go around it, and you can't go through it, you have to go over it — with really cool zippers. 

And with that, Leche Libre was born.

For the past four years, Newberry has worked on perfecting Leche Libre, a hip clothing collection for breastfeeding moms. The innovation is remarkably simple, yet effective. Vertical zippers that run over the bust make it easy to comfortably nurse anywhere, any time. No more blankets over shoulders, no more bathroom stalls, no more awkwardly hiding in the corner, away from others. Newberry's designs are chic, easy, and figure-flattering. Free the nipple, feel empowered. 

No hiding, no blending in, and def no frumps in this turquoise tunic.

No hiding, no blending in, and def no frumps in this turquoise tunic.

Just zip and sip, baby.

Besides the technical triumphs of Leche Libre, the designs are just damn cool. I am not, nor have I ever been a breastfeeding mother, but I would happily wear any of her form-friendly designs in a heartbeat. Newberry's collection presents true closet staples — the little black dress, the structured black jacket/sweatshirt, the effortlessly cool tunic — that women can wear with confidence long after they've finished breastfeeding. And this ain't no fast fashion falls-apart-in-one-wash rodeo. Moms deserve something sturdy, for a change. Moms get that with Leche Libre. 

Who runs the world? Powerful moms (Pretty sure that's what Beyoncé would say today.)

Who runs the world? Powerful moms (Pretty sure that's what Beyoncé would say today.)

Support ethical, innovative design.

I wouldn't be sharing this if it didn't also hit my little ethical fashion buttons. After all, If you want to make a better world for your kids, you have to do the right thing when you can. All of Newberry's garments are manufactured in the USA, keeping Leche Libre's carbon footprint minimal and her ethical labor practices strong.

Want to help support Leche Libre? Here's how:

  1. Back the Kickstarter campaign (and pre-order one of the new items in the collection for yourself or someone you adore). 
  2. Share the Kickstarter campaign on social media.  

Even if you're not a nursing mother, you probably know someone who is or will be soon. Whatever you do, make sure to bookmark Leche Libre the next time you want to bring the best present to a baby shower (or put it on your mommy wishlist!). 


Full disclosure: I met Andrea Newberry, founder of Leche Libre, in a badass professional women's group, and she has been incredibly supportive of my own creative endeavors. I'm thrilled to have a friendship with someone who I genuinely believe has created something truly innovative and needed in the nursing apparel space. Rock on, mama!